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About Us

We are situated in Chaddlewood, Plympton, Devon where our dogs get regular exercise be that in our large enclosed back garden under CCTV supervision, enjoying regular play dates in our adjacent fields, leisurely strolls on the Plymouth hoe & beach and are well socialised with many different size and breeds of dogs, our dogs want for nothing.


At Sayenchi Kennels we hold our dogs in the highest of respect with ALL of our dogs living inside our family home, they have their own room complete with automatic lighting, air conditioning, air purifiers, music etc... and are cared for with no expenses spared!


We are council licensed breeders and are recommended by vets within Devon & Cornwall.

The dogs are 'people friendly' including with children, have fantastic temperaments never showing any signs of aggression or snapping as many dogs/pups can exhibit if incorrectly socialised and are happy and confident in the house, garden or when out an the about.


Our dogs are fed on a complete diet of quality dry dog food with the puppies being reared on compressed soft food to start and then dry food once weaned. The dogs are then given addition foods such as chicken, various meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, bones etc... to help maintain their luxurious coats, regular stool movements and an overall positive general state of health and well-being that we at Sayenchi strive for within all of our dogs and puppies.

The dogs are wormed regularly using Panacur 18.5% paste wormer, flea treated to prevent any form of ticks or fleas and get regularly vet checked by our local veterinary practice, Mercury Vets based in Heathfield, Devon. We also use Southmoor Vets for emergencies.

Our whelping bitches and pups within the Sayenchi family are raised in our specially modified 'Whelping Room' within a custom purpose built Plaztek whelping pens with underfloor and over head heating, plus a oxygen machine pumping in clean, filtered air, thus ensuring regulated temperature control within the nesting area using heated PetNap beds, hygienic cleanliness and a safe environment for both mother and pups. Once pups get to 3/4 weeks old, we put them in one of our open top dog pens so that they have more room to move around and explore, play with toys and activity centres with hanging items plus we are able to handle them more freely. Pups are also monitored on a 24hr CCTV surveillance system that can be accessed from anywhere using a mobile device, ensuring we can keep a keen eye on mother and pups, and all the other dogs, even when away from the home!

As well as breeding dogs, we also run Devon K9 Clinic, a canine fertility service specialising in assisted insemination/matings, ovulation cytology, progesterone and reverse progesterone testing, semen collection and analysis, ultrasound pregnancy scanning, microchipping, DNA health & colour testing, chilled semen shipping etc.... as well as selling a wide range of whelping supplies, puppy milk, dog food, treats and toys, supplements, kennel cleaners and disinfectants, dog perfume and fragrances and much more.


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