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The vet checked & council licensed home of
health tested 
puppies and stud dogs.

as starred in ITV's "Puppy Secrets: The First Six Months"
and featured on the ITV "This Morning" show.

​What does 'Sayenchi' mean?

Sayen meaning loving/loveable in Latin American and Chi for Chihuahua, our first breed; pronounced Sai-an-chi.

Our Goal

Quality, selective, in-home breeding of multiple breeds including Long & Smooth coat Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles, Pugs, French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs in line with the Kennel Club breed standard and health schemes.


Our lines including many show quality dogs, sourced from multiple international countries and we strive for sound health, temperament, confirmation and type when fastidiously breeding pups for carefully selected homes.


Our goal is to produce a healthy and structurally correct puppy with a "True Golden Temperament". We personally look to place our puppies into homes where they are going to be in the house and part of the family. 


Whether they are being placed as show dogs or a family companion, our goal is to breed the temperament and character that best suits this life style, gentle, friendly and easy going but also strive for a temperament that will be versatile for show, obedience and/or general companionship.

As well as breeding, we also own and run Devon K9 Clinic, specialising in canine services such as:

  • Assisted Insemination/Matings

  • Progesterone Testing

  • Reverse Progesterone Testing

  • Semen Collection & Analysis

  • Ovulation Cytology

  • Microchipping

  • Ultrasound Pregnancy Scanning

  • Chilled Semen Shipping

  • Semen Wake & Bake

  • DNA Health & Colour Testing

  • Litter Whelping & Advise

  • Dog Suppliments

  • Ovulation Assist Tablets (Homeopathic)

  • Semen Enhance Tablets (Homeopathic)

  • Whelping Supplies

  • Nail Clipping/Grinding

  • Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

  • Dog Food/Biscuits

  • Dog Treats/Toys

As well as a wide range of Stud Dogs available for use.​

Looking to buy a puppy? Look no further!
Long Coat Chihuahua Pups...


​Sayenchi Chihuahuas pride themselves on producing quality over quantity litters meaning we only breed from carefully selected pairs ensuring perfect results within our pups. For this reason we do not have pups available all year but please feel free to ask for available pups or upcoming litters within the Sayenchi family!

Smooth Coat Chihuahua Pups...


​Sayenchi Chihuahuas are also highly successful  in the world of smooth coat Chi lines and have carefully selecting breeding stock from only the best possible sources and names from all over the world within the Chihuahua breed. Again, we do not have pups available all year round but please feel free to ask for available puppies.

Toy Poodle Pups...


​Sayenchi Toy Poodles is our most recent venture and we are super excited about it. We are a stickler for something small, cute & fluffy and these little beauts have amazing personalities to match. Again adding unique colour to overwhelming quality, we strive to achieve only the best in Toy Poodles of all colours.

Pug Pups.jpg
Pug Pups...


​Sayenchi Pugs is our most fun venture which we are super excited to be a part of. We posses an avid love for coloured Pugs but are a stickler for quality first, DNA/colour is a bonus. This is what we aim to achieve when we breed our Pug pups. Tight curled tails, envelope ears, wide nostrils plus PDE & BOAS clear - this is our goal.

French Bulldog Pups...


​Sayenchi Frenchies is another of our loves aside the other dogs. We aim to produce show quality Frenchies that again carry colour/DNA. Many Frenchies seen today lack one or the other and we intend to change that. With colour can come quality and our pups will be living proof of that.

Sayenchi Bulldog.png
English Bulldog Pups...


​Sayenchi Bulldogs is our biggest challenge to date. We are trying to instil show quality standards, small compact sizing and colour in to every pup we breed. This has been a big challenge with many quality dogs imported from around the world to achieve this dream.

Scroll through some pictures of pups we've created below....

We sometimes have quality, well bred puppies who will be available soon to loving forever homes!
Rest assured that when purchasing a puppy from Sayenchi you will get as standard:


  • Life long help and advice for you and your Puppy.

  • A healthy, lovingly bred puppy from quality parents.

  • All puppies come fully vaccinated (unless otherwise stated),
    vet checked with certificate, wormed, flea treated & microchipped.

  • ALL our pups leave KC/DWKC registered.

  • ...and with a large comprehensive puppy pack!

CLICK HERE for more information about our puppy packs and what comes with every one of our babies!

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